Nebraska Game Parks


Hunting Opportunities for Nebraska Youth.

Nebraska is making it easier than ever to pass on the gift of hunting to our young people.

Read a letter sent in by one successful youth hunter.

With your leadership and knowledge, bonds will be strengthened and a first-time hunter will become a lifetime hunter.

Make a connection like nowhere else on earth. Take a youth hunting.


New Regulations

  • Details can be found in the 2010 Regulations
  • Youth Deer Permits. September 15 – January 18, 2010
    2011 dates will be published soon!
    provides youth the opportunity to purchase up to two youth permits valid for the harvesting of either sex deer in any unit of the state using the appropriate harvest method for that season.
    • Youth Deer Permits are now just $5
    • Youth age 10 or older may hunt deer in Nebraska
    • Youth ages 15 or younger must hunt with a licensed adult
  • Minimum draw weight for archery big game hunting has been removed.


Hunter Education Requirements

  • Hunters ages 12 through 29 must have completed firearm hunter education when hunting ANYTHING with a firearm or crossbow.
  • Bow hunter education is required for bow and arrow hunting of ONLY deer, antelope, elk or mountain sheep.
  • An Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate is available for those who have not completed the education requirements.
  • Firearm or crossbow hunters under age 12 and those using the exemption certificate can never hunt alone and must be accompanied when hunting anything with a firearm or crossbow. The accompanying person, must be  age 19 or older, a licensed hunter and if age 19-29, must be certified in hunter education. Accompanied means you must be in unaided verbal and visual communications at all times

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2010 Hunter Requirements Chart (PDF)